Embossing Stencil Paste- Raised stencils

Embossing Stencil Paste- Raised stencils

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Raised stencils embossing paste.

Embossing paste is a thick, easy to apply paste that you can use to create a raised effect with stencils or you can use this product to patch and fill imperfections on your furniture pieces. You can also use embossing paste to add texture to any surface.  You can colour BOTANICS embossing paste to suit your finish with a small amount of our furniture paint. Embossing paste is quick drying.

You can paint over the paste or leave it as it. You can also apply wax or top coat to the paste. 


Embossing paste is available in Smooth & Stone. Use smooth to create raised stenciling and smooth texture. Stone has a gritty texture and is perfect for creating a stone like finish and adding extra texture to your pieces.